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Pay only for what people actually use!

Define your budget and offer people the freedom to choose, personalize and order swag, courses, and experiences from thousands of branded options for any promotion, milestone, or seasonal campaign.

People operations without the hassle.

No more packaging, shipping or tax issues!

Create the best employee experience and manage eco friendly celebrations through our admin console.

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Sales and marketing incentives that convert.

Connect to your CRM and automatically convert high value, high intent leads with branded swag, incentives and loyalty offers that can be personalized and printed on-demand.

Get inspired!

Take a look at stores that customers have built and launched with Covver.


Launch your

Brand Culture

How it Works


Create a company store in minutes.

Simply upload your logo to generate multiple branded items in your very own company store.


Bring your people into the mix.

Link your existing HRIS and CRM to Covver for a dashboard to track engagement across campaigns.


Award credits to your people.

Distribute credits and invite people to redeem and personalize the branded items they love.


Make your business even more personal.

Engage your people with the brand with their own designs for print-on-demand creations.

How it works

How it Works

Keep track of your swag campaigns



Use the Covver dashboard

Being on top of your swag budget is our mission, keeping your costs low and your culture high.


Brand on-demand orders & fulfillment.

Orders are sent to our network of print-on-demand suppliers that make your custom items fast.


Fast & free shipping, 100% eco friendly.

We choose suppliers close to the shipping destination for minimal waste and fuel consumption.

See what people say about Covver.

"Covver changed the way I think about swag"

 Covver's solution saved us a lot resources and dramatically cut the time we usually spend on any "swag project" from days to minutes.


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Marketing Event Manager @ AppsFlyer

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